Some welcoming words from Reggie Ray, lineage holder and spiritual director of Dharma Ocean:  

"It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to Dharma Ocean Europe.

On this website, you will find an open gateway to a vibrant, devoted, and committed community of meditators. Through the practice of somatic meditation, inspired by the Tibetan tradition, each of us is seeking a deeper embodiment, a more direct relation to our own experience, and tools to live a fuller, richer, more confident and fulfilling life.

We are each making what is called “the lonely journey” and, at the same time, we are deeply connected with each other, and so finding intimacy in a world fragmented by increasing environmental and social disruption and now, the pandemic of Covid 19.

Dharma Ocean Europe uniquely embodies one of the stunning and beautiful facts of our lineage: yes, we are people from different countries, backgrounds, languages, cultures, genders, and orientations. Yet, we are able to transcend separation and experience communion with one another through teachings and practices that lay bare our common humanity and show that we are not basically different at all.

Please join with us in practice, study, and community.  Get to know our lineage, our teachers, and our thriving cohort of spiritual journeyers.

We welcome you and are excited to make you our new friend. " 

Reggie Ray, Spiritual Director

Dharma Ocean - April 2020

Reggie Ray - © Dharma Ocean